I’ll Be Home…

a woman in a brown dress and brown shoes in front of a train
a woman in a brown Dress, brown shoes in front of a train
a woman in a brown dress and shoes in front of a train

Tis the season for so many things. Family. Love. Traditions. Gifts! And also….travel. Which of all the holiday things, is my least favorite. It’s not that I don’t want to come home (or wherever!) for the holidays. It’s just that usually holiday travel is not for the faint of heart. There was a time of my life when for both Thanksgiving and Christmas I was flying in between LAX in Los Angeles and Texas (various airports). There was a Christmas flight (on December 22!!) for which I got to LAX 3 hrs early (too many years ago)- it took me all of the 3 hours to get through the outside line (which wrapped around buildings. Plural) and through security. I ran onto the plane with 2 mins to spare. It was stressful and while I loved being home for the holidays- I hate travel like that.

On the other hand- there is something special about being home for the holidays. Or where your loved ones are. One of my favorite holiday songs is “I’ll be Home For Christmas”, as for me it really hits that this season is supposed to be about being with the people with love (family or chosen family!). And even when travel was awful…there was nothing better (and is nothing better) than being home and with loved ones for the holidays.

(This isn’t part of this post, but this is a time of year when I think about train travel and how amazing a high speed train would be. Or even the glamour of old school train travel. One of my favorite holiday movies is White Christmas and I often think of how chic the train travel was in that film! Perhaps holiday travel on a train wouldn’t be hectic but would be oh so fantastic! )

a close up of a brown lace up heel and dress on a train wheel
a woman in a brown dress in front of a train
a woman in a brown dress and shoes in front of a train

Before this year, I had never really paid attention to brown. For shoes and bags? Sure. But as an outfit? I didn’t ever think so. Turns out browns, and all its shades, are the perfect chic neutral. I love that it’s simple but feels new and modern, and chic in a fresh way. Will I ever get over black? Not at all. But I’m loving a new shade/neutral/palette to play with.

Also, if you’re going home for Christmas you might as well look AMAZING and brown might just be the way to do it!

a woman in a brown dress in front of a train

There’s a chance that coming home for you means not traveling. Or being with family. I’ve been there and those are valid. I hope that means you’re still surrounded by love (from you to friends to your favorite things) and that you’re still wearing things that make you happy (this exact dress and similar accessories linked- inc are you need a place to start with browns!). Mostly this holiday season I hope we come home to ourselves… whatever that may mean!


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a woman in a brown dress in front of a train

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