New Things

Investment Piece: New Things
Investment Piece: New Things
Investment Piece: New Things

I have an ex who always thought that I would love skateboarding. His reasoning? I love the ocean (true) and he thought it could replace surfing (while that may be true, and I have surfed- I wouldn’t say I’m in any way/shape/form good at it). So while I appreciated the skateboard (he tried), I’ve never really gotten into it.

However, the longer we’re inside the more I’m a bit intrigued. Could I skateboard? Is that who I am? Who’s to say we can’t take up new things?

(Or if nothing else, pose with them)

Investment Piece: New Things
Investment Piece: New Things

Do I want to try new things? Maybe even skateboard?
And my take on new things (currently) is trying new outfit combos. Usually, I love a good heel or boot with a dress (especially one that’s leather). It just feels elevated. And as much as I love my shoes, even I have to admit that there are days that don’t call for wearing heels around the house.
So, even though it wouldn’t be my first instinct, I loving wearing sneakers with everything. Dresses. Jeans. Pants. Shorts. For me, it’s new and feels a little rebellious.

I get that it’s not skateboarding down the street, but when I wear something new to me, it can’t help but feel a little like a step in the right direction. Like maybe one day I could be the woman who does wild things.
In the meantime, maybe I’ll just dress like it. Or, at the least, dress in ways that feel new to me.

Has being at home changed the way you dress? What are you willing to try now in your outfits that you wouldn’t before? I would love to hear about it!

(I know. Sneakers are this HUGE thing. But at a time when I need new things, switching up what I would normally wear feels BIG. And like a new thing. And maybe just like the surfing feeling my ex was trying to give me. Not the end, but at this moment, I’ll take it).

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Investment Piece: New Things

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