Short Formula

Investment Piece: Short Formula
Investment Piece: Short Formula
Investment Piece: Short Formula
Investment Piece: Short Formula
Investment Piece: Short Formula

Why do I have a thing for short suits? I’m not 100% sure. Perhaps it’s that they are perfect for the season- I know, summer is technically “coming to an end” but it will most likely be SUPER hot through October. Maybe it’s because they’re easy (shorts/blazer/shoes- the easier outfit formula ever). Or there’s a chance that why I love a good short suit is that they’re a bit unexpected, a lot chic, and while they have a certain allure are easy to recreate over and over with all the things you may already own.

I’ve written about short suits here and here.

The short formula is so simple (And yet, really powerful). You simply need shorts- I prefer Bermuda, but really any a bit one the formal side, a blazer- I love a fitted one, or a vintage one, or any one!, and shoes- may I suggest loafers (or heels!). I almost guarantee that you have all of these things in your closet now (and of course I have shopping recs!). The trick is putting them together. For this suit I went with a monochrome look, though feel free to mix and match. Denim, color, pattern- there’s nothing super serious about a short suit so there is no need to take the short formula super seriously.

Side note: the above velevet loafers are my go-to for the Halloween season (I can’t resist how subtle they are). Lucky for me, they go great with oh-so-many outfits. Loafers, even the specialty ones, are always a great investment.

So. What short formula are you working with? Confession? I can’t wait to recreate this look in leather! What about you? Would you wear as a short suit?

I’ve linked options for this exact look below!

Also- I know that the southern part of the US is being battered by Hurricane Ida. And there are so many Afghan refugees starting their new lives this week. It’s overwhelming, and that’s not even mentioning the enduring pandemic. Things are a lot right now. All week I’ll be listing resources to help (only if you can! It’s a lot to just exist right now!) all the above on my socials. Our survival depends on each other, be kind out there.


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