Trend to Try: Column Dressing

a woman in black maxi skirt, black turtleneck, black mules and statement earrings
a woman in black maxi skirt, black turtleneck, black mules and statement earrings
a woman in black maxi skirt, black turtleneck, black mules and statement earrings
a woman in black maxi skirt, black turtleneck, black mules and statement earrings

According to Dictionary.Com a Column is :
a rigid, relatively slender, upright support, composed of relatively few pieces.
a decorative pillar, most often composed of stone and typically having a cylindrical or polygonal shaft with a capital and usually a base.
any columnlike object, mass, or formation:
a column of smoke.

And according to multiple google searches Column Dressing is: dressing in a single color, or dressing in the silhouette of a column (straight- be it skirt, dress, pants).
According to almost every editorial I’ve read- column dressing is the first big trend of the new year.

The great news? Column dressing is incredibly chic- whether you choose to dress in one color, or in.a column silhouette (or both! Like I did above!). The better news? Column dressing is incredibly easy- and I bet that you have the base for an incredibly chic, on trend outfit in your closet. From all black (or any other color) to a dress, skirt or pants (with jacket or top) that fits the silhouette. Just like that! You’re on trend!

The trick? Finding out how to make column dressing your own.

a woman in black maxi skirt and black turtleneck, mules and statement earrings
a woman in a black maxi skirt and turtleneck with mules and statement earrings

While the “rules” of column dressing are simple, that leaves so much room for personality. There’s no rule about what color the base/your outfit has to be. There are obviously some restrictions in the column shape- but even pants with a bit of flare, or a skirt with a train (a la here) work as long as they are paired with same color tops! Column dressing is incredibly minimalist, but within that there is so much room to play.

Surprising to no one, one of my fave ways to personalize a trend, or a column outfit like this is are accessories. Like belts! Or in this case- shoes and statement earrings. I usually choose heels, but I loved how the mules carried the line of color and silhouette. And these earrings (made by my friend Marie! Not a commission link but you can get your own at Marie Monsod at RecessLA) not only make a statement, but they have a column silhouette!

a close up of gold nugget earrings that have rhinestone a black turtleneck and maxi skirt and mules

Very side note: Usually I’m more of a “think about a trend before committing” but this one is so chic- and such an elegant way to ease into the new year, I couldn’t resist. Also side note- though I don’t deny this is column dressing, looking back there are several outfits of mine that qualify as column dressing- so perhaps we don’t even have to call it a trend if we don’t want?

Are you into column dressing as a trend or have you found that you already incorporate it into your style? How do you make your columns your own?

I’ve linked similar items for this column for your shopping pleasure below!

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