#TrendtoTry Combat Boots

If the grunge trend is back, I have mixed feelings. There are elements of grunge that I love- soft flannels, ripped jeans, slip dresses. And very randomly-combat boots.

Investment Piece: Combat Boots

Combat boots seem like something I wouldn’t like, but in real life- I love them. These were an impluse purchase many, many years ago, but they’ve become one of my favorite pair of fall boots. And now that combat boots are in style again,I can’t help but recommend them to you!

Investment Piece: Combat Boots

The thing about combat boots is that they aren’t precious, so you don’t style them as such. Throw them on with anything- dresses or jeans. Don’t think about it. Throw them on and go. They are chic and easy and had a hint of toughness that I just love.

It’s best not to over think the combat boot. They probably do go with that–slip dresses, though I love them with variations of a shirt dress like this one. Any sort of jeans. With any sort of top. As a bonus- add a blazer or a trench coat to the outfit, it’s so chic.

(I also would wear these with a wrap coat as a dress!)

Investment Piece: Combat Boots

But, one of my favorite ways to wear these boots is with my leggings. They are the perfect boots to wear to the gym, to errands, to make leggings and a t-shirt feel like a statement. Since I don’t have to worry about them getting wet, or getting scuffed, I feel like I can just throw them on and let them be. Combat boots can be both the statement of my outfit and casual shoes.

Investment Piece: Combat Boots

There is nothing your combat boots won’t go with, and I’ve found you some new ones that are so chic! I love the shorter ones, even though mine are tall. Any way you chose to wear them-tough, sweet, with dresses or leggings- combat boots may be the boots of fall. Are you trying this trend?


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Investment Piece: Combat Boots

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