Fancy Dress

Investment Piece: Fancy Dress
Investment Piece: Fancy Dress
Investment Piece: Fancy dress
Investment Piece: Fancy Dress
Investment Piece: Fancy Dress

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I won’t even address the fact that I’m in polka dots. Again. I can’t help it! And if they didn’t want me to wear dots, they would quit making them. Facts.
Investment Piece: Fancy Dress

And now that we got that out of the way:

Loves. This dress. It made me feel like a princess (but the self rescuing kind). And yet, I could also see it with flats and at bbqs. (This kind of princess loves drinking on patios and won’t apologize for it. I think this dress would look great doing that, too!)

Without prompting, I can speak for hours about what I love about fashion, and the power that I think fashion has. I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a party dress, a fancy dress if you will, to celebrate moments (big and small) in their lives. Birthdays? No exception.

Invsestment Piece: Fancy Dress

I fell in love with this Zimmermann dress the first time I saw it. And knew that I wanted to wear it on my birthday. (And also to walk in Paris, to summer soriees, and anything else my life could come up with) The thing about fancy dresses is that we tend to put them in a box. We think they can only be used for that party or that event or that soiree.

At that point we have two choices:
Yes. Buy the dress and wear it once
Rent it and wear it once.

(Actually there are three choices, buy it and wear it wherever you want!)

This time, I choose to rent–and yet, I still got to wear it more than once. Birthday dinner. The ballet for Mother’s Day, and this shoot. I absolutely love renting with Armarium and I think you will too (see here). Like this option? Use code RADELICIA for 20% off your first rental.

Want to own this beauty for yourself?
I found options here

(A quick sizing note: I’m a size 0/2 and went with the bigger size here. In retrospect, I wish I had gone with the smaller size–it was a little hard to keep up! Armarium has stylists on call, so if you ever have a question like that, reach out to them!)

There’s no bad option. And there’s no bad fancy dress. Where do you wear yours?

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