April Dresses Bring…..

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Investment Piece: April Dresses Bring

I’ve always been a dress girl. Always. Never hesitated to reach for a dress, wear a dress, suggest a dress. In fact, when I was 4 I went a year wearing princess dresses (or a variation thereof). I don’t think I owned my own jeans until I was in first grade.

I feel comfortable in dresses. They’re my go-to.

Especially in spring. And especially in the beginning of spring, when there is still a bit of a chill in the air. To me, a dress says that you’re ready for the warmer weather, that you’re ready for any surprises, and yet, that you’re staying warm and ready for now.

In a dress you can be ready for anything.

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Investment Piece: April Dresses bring
Investment Piece: April Dresses Bring

So, while I buy (and wear) dresses year round, April is the time of year when I seem to only want dresses. To set the tone for spring and summer. To wear to nice places or to just hang out in the back yard (TBF there’s no rule that those things are mutually exclusive. I’ve dressed up to go to the back yard. I recommend it!)

I usually pick a few casual (ish) dresses that I plan to wear all through the season – throwing on for errands, lunches, movies, or being at home. And then I pick one (or two) exciting dresses- if nothing else to wear around the house on my birthday (in May). There’s a dress for every occasion (if not I’m a pro at helping you come up with one).

So. The question is: what dresses are you wearing this April? What are they bringing in? Adventure? Comfort? All of the above?

I’ve linked some of my current favorite dresses. One of them I know is perfect for April, and for bringing in a great summer.

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