Are Leggings Pants?

As with any great debate I am aware by broaching this topic that there are passionate people on each side; and those opinions may not be able to be swayed. Ironically enough, for an issue that can divide many a fashion lover I am not staunchly on either side–but I do think leggings as pants have their place.
I love to work out, and it’s a major part of my daily routine. So therefore I am no stranger to wearing yoga/workout leggings as pants–both to the gym and for errands afterwards. Honestly, I’ve never given any thought to the idea. However, just regular leggings as pants? I have to admit I’m a little cautious. In my mind, leggings are associated with lounge-wear, so while I may throw a pair on for errands or a matinee, I don’t think I’d ever consider them for a night out. And even for those leggings I’m particular about structure (I like to be held in) and of course want a fabric that’s thick enough to not ave to worry about see-through issues!
Above are two pairs you might see me out and about in–but more often than not, I’ll be in jeans! What about you? Do you wear leggings as pants? What are your guidelines? Can we see pics?

Happy Thursday! XO RA

All of that being said, I do love David Lerner Leggings–shop them here

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