Investment Piece: #Blazer
Investment Piece: #blazer
Investment Piece: #blazer
Investment Piece: #blazer
Investment Piece: #blazer
Investment Piece: #blazer

There is something I love about the stories that suits and Blazers tell. I’ve always felt that a great blazer lets the world know that you’re in control, chic, powerful, and a boss. Do I work at a place where I have to wear a blazer or suit? No. But I still love them. And still firmly believe that they are a fashion investment that you should make.

And Blazers? Blazers can be such a source of creativity in your closet.
Cold? Blazer
Need a pop of color? Blazer
Need to feel in control? Blazer
Pull things together? Blazer

And if you don’t “have” to wear a blazer, you can get interesting. I personally feel that even if you “have” to wear a blazer that you can show personality with a color or print. (This snake number? It’s in).
One of my favorite ways to wear a blazer?
As a top

Yes, I love the look of nothing underneath your blazer–which is perfect for cocktail parties. But a blazer as a top? Next level.
My tips: do this with slim cut Blazers, balance them out with your bottom, and most importantly, have fun. Let your blazer as a top tell a story of someone who is so confident that she doesn’t have to play by the rules.

I would love to know: what kind of stories do Blazers tell for you? Do you wear Blazers as shirts? Would you dare?

I’ve linked pieces I love below for your story telling pleasure!

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