Investment Piece: Cheating
Investment Piece: Cheating
Investment Piece: Cheating

It’s supposed to be sweater weather. I’d like it to be sweater weather. But, loves, at least up to the time of writing this post, it’s not sweater weather. There are glimpses, moments when the temps drop, but nothing has stuck so far.
(According to our weather woman we’re getting much cooler temps this week. I’m crossing my fingers she’s right!)

So. What do you do when you aren’t getting what you want? Be patient (not my strong suit)? Believe that if you build it, it will come. (Please don’t give yourself heat stroke dressing in sweaters trying to make it sweater weather!)

Or. Do you cheat?
(I know, cheating is bad, we shouldn’t do it. But. When it comes to looking chic and season appropriate, I’ll try cheating!)

Investment Piece: Cheating
Investment Piece: Cheating
Investment Piece: Cheating

Cheating the weather? This is technically a sweater. But it’s really a poncho-open in the back, loose, and while it’s warm (and will look chic over all sorts of tops and dresses later), it’s also cool. It’s just enough to keep a chill out, but worn alone, it’s heat-proof. (Or at the very least, heat friendly. Though if you’re in a spot where the highs still feel like summer, you may need to eventually change in the afternoon!)

A high slit wrap skirt also helps keep you cool! I suppose you could call it transitional dressing, but it’s really cheating- dressing for the weather I want, while dealing with the weather I have. Add chic shoes and you’re in business.

You’ve technically dressed for the season, you’re technically in a sweater. You’ve just cheated it all.
This kind of cheating can’t be bad if it looks this good, right?

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Investment Piece: Cheating
This is a neighbor’s cat who comes over for snuggles and food daily. It’s nice to be wanted. Her mom thinks she’s out hunting. I guess we’re both cheating!

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