Do it All

Investment Piece: do it all
Investment Piece: Do it all
Investment Piece: do it all
Investment Piece: do it all

Did you like “know it all’s” in school? You know that kid that always had the answer and was a little “too much”? Not many people liked them. And that’s valid. This is not a post about know-it-all’s However, now that we’re older I’m a fan of a “do it all”. To me that means a piece in my closet that can do it all. Lounge. Work. Outings. Even if they’re too much, or just the right amount of enough, if something can take me from bed throughout my day, in every conceivable situation, I want it!

Especially at a time like this, I’m looking for pieces that are comfy from bed to online meetings to my virtual social times, and even to the grocery store.

Investment Piece: do it all
This dress? This dress is a do it all. From sleeping (yes, naps count!) to errands to everything in between, this dress is perfect. It feels pulled together and yet comfy. At this time, my outtings in this dress have been limited to errands and hot spots in my house (let me recommend a virtual happy hour, they’re the best!), but when we are out and about again, I’m confident that this dress will go great with heels and all the events! The best part? It’s under $50!

I’ve linked this exact dress and look here:
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And now that you know I’m a fan of do it all’s, and we know I’m a fan of PJ dressing, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about Sleeper. They make fantastic nightgowns, that double as dresses. In fact, they look a lot like the above dress! They’re perfect for lounging and look great on the town. I’ve linked some of my favorite for you:

Lounge. Do all the things in your house. All the things online. And later, you can do all the things outside your house. Do it all!


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