Get What You Need

Investment Piece: Get What You Need
Investment Piece: Get What You Need
Investment Piece: Get What You Need

Some truths about me:
I over pack and think nothing of changing my outfit a million times a day.
I believe in magic. And not just the Disney kind, but the kind that puts you in the right place at the right time for the right thing.
I’m obessed with snow. Like 5yo obessed.

Outfits I can do. Magic comes.
But snow? I live in Texas and California, I don’t get a lot of snow.

Then. Yesterday, we got so much snow! (Ok, not for real winter-y places, but we got over an inch. It stuck! It actively snowed for a long time!) Magical is the only word I know to describe it. I couldn’t stop watching it, playing in it, taking pictures of it.

Investment Piece: Get What You Need
Investment Piece: Get What You Need

All during the holiday season, I wanted snow. This was not how I thought it would happen. But this snow was what I needed.

And getting what I needed made me face some more truths about myself.
First- I have no idea what to wear for snow. I ran around in everything from sweats to fur jackets to my rain boots. If you live where it snows reguarly and you wear outfits- I would LOVE to know what you wear! I feel like I’ve been missing out on snow outfits!
Second- getting what you need is magic. How else can you explain events that come out of no where and refuel you? Re-energize you? Let you know it’s gonna be ok. Maybe it’s not snow for everyone, but those moments when the world just seems better? I hope that this weekend has one for you.

Investment Piece: get what you need

And,yes. Because of who I am as a person, part of my snow day did involve vintage sweater tights. I don’t know that they’re the ultimate in snow dressing–but I tried!!

What fed your soul this weekend? How did you get what you need? And–what did you wear??


This fur coat is vintage! (It’s the only way to fur!) I’ve linked some similar vintage finds and some modern faux fur options!

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Investment Piece: Get What you Need

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