Holiday Reds

Investment Piece: Holdiay Reds
Investment Piece: Holdiay Red
Investment Piece: Holiday Red
Investment Piece: Holiday Red
Investment Piece: Holiday Red
Investment Piece: Holiday Reds

She knew it was cliche.
But she couldn’t resist Holdiay reds.
The kind that warmed her throat, that made joy flow a bit easier, and that fit in her wine glass.
(No one said holiday reds couldn’t be wine)
But she was also a fan of holiday reds that made an entrance, made a statement, and felt like she was dressing in the holiday.
So, when the time came, she put on her best holiday red dress and went and made Merry.

I know it’s cliche. I do. But I can’t resist a great red dress at this time of year. (Or a plaid one, or a green one.) There’s something about it that just feels holiday. In the chicest way. Confession? This holiday red is not new, you can read about it here, but it remains one of my favorites.
Every event I’ve had this year, I’ve been tempted to wear it. I did to a few things (don’t worry). While there are shopping options for you below, and I’m a great fan of adding to our closets, there’s something so comforting about having a favorite dress to slip into.
It also helps the holiday season and all those countless events seem easier. (That’s not just me, right?)

This season I hope you’re out enjoying every bit of Merry avaible to you. I hope that if you find a new holiday red you rock it (I love some of the ones below!), but I also wish for you a holiday red that’s a favorite, that gives you an added boost, and that you already have!

How do you holiday red?

You may have a holiday red, or you may be looking for a new one (I’m a fan of both), below are a few of my new favorites!


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