I Work Out

Investment Piece: I workout
Investment Piece: I workout
Investment Piece: I work out

Things to know about me:
I love fashion. And shoes.
And my workouts are akin to my church.
I spin. I Pilates. I yoga. I will tell you that I box, but that happens rarely. I run.

Other things that I love?
Athlesure wear. Especially when it doesn’t compromise my fashion sense.

These leggings? When I saw them, I knew that I had to have them. The bands, the colors, the brand. Have I worn them to spin? Why, yes. Have I worn them out? Why, yes.

Does something have to be only one thing or the other? I don’t think so, do you?

Investment Piece: I work out
Investment Piece: I workout
Investment Piece: I workout

There’s a chance we’re getting way too close to the line of “are leggings pants”?
I have no dog in that fight. Wear what you love, and if it makes you happy and you love the way it looks, it’s good enough to me.
But, that doesn’t mean I’m against wearing your workout gear as fashion gear. Why not be proud of the statement, ” I workout”? Isn’t that what this outfit is about?

Or is it?

Maybe great leggings are just great leggings. Maybe anything that goes great with heels is something to throw on for drinks or errands or anything in between.

Note: I don’t know of anything that doesn’t look good with heels.

That being said, maybe workout leggings have their place. (Let’s be fair, none of us want a thin pair of workout leggings. Or leggings in general.) But, maybe workout gear should only be used for our workouts?

If I fell in love with these leggings, and could wear them in and out of my workout, is that a bad thing? Or a good thing?

These leggings are from SoulCycle. I can’t recommend their lines enough-from being perfect for any of the workouts you do to being fashionable for any event you have before or after (or unrelated) to classes. This shirt I’ve had for at least 6 years. And these heels? A basic–you need them.
I’ve linked similar items below. Let’s workout!


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Investment Piece: I workout

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