Icon With a Twist

Investment Piece: Icon With a Twist
Investment Piece: Icon with a Twist
Things I like: martinis, fashion investment pieces, and outfits that make me feel like royalty. I also like surprises, and getting new perspectives on things I thought I knew.
What do all these things have in common?
This classic DVF wrap dress (yes, it’s an investment piece, and yes, you need one), and this shoot (yes, I felt like royalty, and with all my outfits, got a new perspective on how to style this dress).
Icon. With a twist.
(No martinis were consumed on this shoot. I can’t promise about after).

Investment Piece
You first saw this dress here, back when this blog was still a baby.
Investment Piece: Icon with a Twist
I’ve worn the dress time and time again, with everything from sneakers to heels. I’ve put sweaters and blazers over it, I’ve always felt like there were ways to make this dress feel new.
But. I had never worn it over a dress. Till now.

Investment Piece: Icon with a Twist
Investment Piece: Icon with a Twist
Investment Piece: Icon with a Twist

Wearing an open kimono over pants and skirts? Yes. Mini dress over jeans? A thousand times. A maxi wrap dress over another dress? IT HAD NEVER EVEN CROSSED MY MIND.

But it worked. And I love it.
Yes, this may be a little more on the formal side (though with flat sandals, a combo like this could be perfect for your Labor Day BBQs), but it’s simple yet elegant, wildly unexpected, and allows you to mix and match like never before.

Also. It’s fun to twirl in.

Some tips:
– I love pattern mixing, but if you’re going that route, I would suggest that you pick tonal colors. Or, like here, pick a pattern to match with a classic.
-I love the mix of lengths. Would this look good with dresses that are the same length? We won’t know if we don’t try? But ??
-I tied the wrap dress underneath itself, so the ties didn’t show and it flared out. The underlying dress gets to show more that way.

The underlying dress here is Amberleaf. You can read about my love affair with them here. This shoot was part of my summer collab with them, and yes I think you need this dress; but, more than that, putting my dress over theirs made me realize that we may need to look at our closets in new lights. There’s more to combine, more to layer, more to dare than we might be thinking of now.

What icon can you put a twist on?

I’ve found you several DVF dresses below! Some new, some used, all sizes. I truly think a DVF dress, of any kind is an investment worth making!

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