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Investment Piece: In Piece
Investment Piece: In Pieces
Investment Piece: In Pieces
Investment Piece: In Pieces
Investment Piece: In Pieces
Investment Piece: In Pieces

Some things happen all at once. Some things happen in pieces. Is one better than the other? I don’t know, I suppose that it depends on the event.

The same can be true for outfits. Some come to me all at once. Some in pieces. Some look great all together, some look great in pieces. This outfit? It came to me in pieces. These knit pants (and all the knit pants) are all that I want to wear right now. (Thank you Gucci!) They’re comfy, like a structured sweatpant and in theory go with everything. The issue? I couldn’t figure out what to wear with them. I wanted to look put together, and knew that rocking a heel would be amazing, but I wasn’t sure.
—-This is where I share a secret of life my loves. A denim shirt,any style, can solve just about anything. Ok, maybe not world peace or your budget. BUT, if you are ever unsure what to wear with something, try a denim shirt. We make it sound like a thing, but I promise it’s the best neutral you have.

So, I tried a denim shirt. I love this old one as its details are just too good (and make it feel dressy. The cross v neck, so great to show off this metallic bra, the tail, the color. When I tried on these pieces together, the outfit clicked. The pieces came together as a whole. (And this is the part where I hold my breath and hope you like it).

Other things I’m thinking of wearing with my knit pants (and gird your loins, these aren’t the only pair you’ll see this season!): blouses, sweaters, jean jackets, leather jackets, t shirts, knit sweaters. What do you think I should pair with it??

Also, loves, if we’re talking about things in pieces, I would be remiss not to mention these Gucci loafers. I know the turquoise is stunning, but they really are a neutral. As in, they go with everything. And manage to make everything better! How’s that for in pieces?

I’ve linked shopping below, I hope this week was kinder than the last, and I hope that your pieces fit amazing!
Happy Friday!

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