Kicking It

Investment Piece: Kicking It
Investment Piece: kicking it
Investment Piece: Kicking It

Transitions can always be difficult, but the one from summer into fall? Brutal. It’s not that I don’t love summer- I do. I have never met a swimsuit I didn’t love (and wear with everything (see here for starters). Fall is one of my favorite seasons (maybe my most favorite). But the combination of them together?

I want to layer, to wear all the sweaters, stun you with how I can pull off a sundress and a turtleneck at the same time, and to rock all my fantastic boots. But it’s 102 in the afternoons. Getting into these jeans felt like a feat in and of itself. (Yes, all the shoots are done as early as possible because of all of that!)

With all of that said, I get that it may be a little odd that I’m in jeans and a (cropped) sweatshirt. Maybe I’m looking forward? Or maybe, I’m taking the best (cool mornings) and running with them. These jeans are some of the coolest jeans I think I’ve ever owned. Just rigid enough, you may have to work a bit to get them on, but they hold you in and make me feel as if my legs are super long. The bootcut isn’t as dramatic as it could be, but I like it that way- a bit subtle.

Investment Piece: Kicking It
Investment Piece: Kicking it

And this sweatshirt! The crop, the short sleeve. THE INITIAL! I have always had a soft spot for tops with my initial (perhaps because Laverne and Shirely was one of my favorite shows when it was shown as repeats when I was a toddler?). It’s both chic and a tad nostalgic. I know it may not be for everyone, but if you’re in need of a sweatshirt, you can find this exact one here.

Investment Piece: Kicking It

I’m well aware that kicking it like this may mean that I’m changing half way through the day (sometimes, oftentimes, more than once during the day). And that perhaps I should ease into transitions with more layering. But there are times when I can’t resist dressing for what I wish were happening (be it party dresses or weather). Because if we don’t build it, how will it ever come?

I’ve linked these exact jeans and more sweatshirt options below. How are you kicking it during these transitions?

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Investment Piece: Kicking It

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