Let’s Get in Formation

Investment Piece: Let's Get in Formation
Investment Piece: Let's Get in Formation
Investment Piece: Let's get in formation

This is a story (or formation) in 3 parts.

There’s a part of me that is very good about following the rules, doing what I’m told, all those things. (Yes, I will get irrationally angry at you if you drive the wrong way in parking lots). But. There’s also the part of me that rebels a bit. That gets out of formation way too quickly, and doesn’t want to be confined to rules.

It’s that part of the formation (or lack thereof) that can be incredibly interesting. So in honor of both of those parts of myself, I humbly suggest, as part of your holiday style that a play on tradition may be in order.

As in: leather pants are a holiday staple. From errands to party looks, yes, leather is for the holiday.

And what to pair with your leather pants? What if we played a bit with traditional patterns? Like wearing the Queen’s Guard? Or Toy Soldiers?

Investment Piece: Let's Get In Formation
Investment Piece: let's get in formation

This next part of the formation goes out on a limb.

Yes, this shirt is patterned with London Soldiers and Phone Boxes, I love that it can appear traditional but has a bit of fun with it. The part that’s a bit out there? I somehow associate the soldiers with toy soldiers, and toy soldiers with nutcrackers, and all of the above with the holiday season. Yes, that in and of itself is a journey.

Why I put all those things together? I don’t know-this shirt will be just as great in March as it is in December. BUT. For me, the line from soldier to nutcracker is straight.

Maybe it’s because I love the Nutcracker, the ballet. (I volunteer during this time of year with school kids who get to see the ballet on a field trip. I have it on the brain!). Maybe it’s because I grew up in a home that used Nutcrackers as a Christmas decoration?

I don’t know. Whatever it is, this shirt read cheeky holiday to me, and I couldn’t help but indulge myself by having fun with it.

Investment Piece: Let's Get in Formation
Investment Piece: Let's get in formation
Investment Piece: Let's get in formation

The last act of this formation?
This shirt isn’t technically mine. I share it with my mom and sister. One of those: let’s buy a size that will fit us all and then we can all have it, kind of deal. Sharing is caring, after all. (And a great way to stretch your closet!) London has a special part in all of our hearts. We lived there when I was little (4-5 to be exact). My mom has stories about how I adapted the English accent quickly- till I yelled “HALP ME” and the Southern in me would jump out. I have fond memories of us going to watch the changing of the guards (and the dinosaurs at the National History museum). This pattern? It brings it all back.

And if we’re going to dress with a slight holiday theme, shouldn’t it be with a nod to things that we love(d)?

Get in formation–and wear the holiday your way. Sounds like a plan!

This shirt is sold out, but I’ve linked similar ones below. I would love to know: what patterns and formations have more than one act for you at this time of year?

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Investment Piece: Let's get in formation

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