Lounge Luxe

Investment Piece: Lounge Luxe
Investment Piece: lounge luxe
Investment Piece: Lounge Luxe
Investment Piece: lounge luxe
Investment Piece: Lounge Luxe

Like me, you may be in a bit of a quandary lately. Wanting to “get dressed”. Yet, it’s a million degrees outside, and even “cool” clothes seem so hot. On top of that, I work from home- meaning that in reality I could wear pjs/sweats/nothing all day and get away with it.

Working from home is both a blessing and a curse.

There are all sorts of suggestions on how to deal with this time we’re in and dressing for. You may just wear your pjs. Or workout clothes. Get dressed. Go all out with a fancy top and be comfy on bottom.
While there’s no right or wrong way to dress right now, what I’m finding works best for me (on a day to day basis) is lounge. Luxe.

This is a vintage terry dress (gown? Swimsuit cover up?). It’s a statement. And like wearing your robe all day. (Yes, even at home I sometimes wear heels but it’s also great with flat sandals or barefeet. Even when I’m sick- things like that make me feel more in control!). Like many things, it’s a choose your own adventure: it can be a full on outfit, or it can be something to lounge in. Perfect for a summer soriee (socially distanced) or perfect laying on the bed after a shower (I can not be the only one who does that for hours).

Most importantly, it makes me feel “dressed” when I need to be. Because lately there are days when I do need my outfits to make me feel good. To let me know that we’re all strong and capable and all the things. And sometimes I need those feelings on days when it’s hard to get dressed. The solution? Lounge luxe. Both worlds, what you need it to be, and fancy feeling.

With outfits like this I’ve been able to lay on my couch and feel good about it. Win/win/lounge?

This dress is vintage, and my only terry cloth dress–I highly recommend them for comfort and style and have linked some vintage ones similar for you below. What are you wearing daily? Is it giving you what you need? I want to hear all the stories about it!


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PS. Thank you to everyone who reached out- I am feeling better and am hoping to be in new and “real” outfits next week! In the meantime- I’m lounging!

Investment Piece: Lounge Luxe

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