Investment Piece: Luxury
Investment Piece: Luxury
Investment Piece: Luxury

What do you consider luxury? True luxury, worth every penny, makes you sigh luxury?

For me? There’s certain clothes and silk-silks and a perfect fitting heel come to mind. Deep,dark chocolates. The really good goat cheese. The first sip of fantastic champagne.

But what I’ve been thinking about lately are the luxuries that we can’t buy:
-Not having to set an alarm
-The comfortable silence you can have with someone you love
-A weekday afternoon off (I used to love going to a matinee and having those hours alone!)
-Alone Time

I’m sure that there are so many that aren’t coming to mind.
Why am I thinking about luxury? Because the longer we’re home, the more I crave it. Not just the things, but the experiences. The time with people I care about. And the more I want to wear luxury (I write this in yoga pants but I’m at the same time over yoga pants. Here’s hoping all my Juxatipositons are a luxury!)

Investment Piece: Luxury

I’ve been seeking out pieces like this to wear. Silk. Gold. But still lounge wear.
And I’ve been seeking out little luxuries I can give myself at home. Bubble baths. Fancy water.
It’s not the same. Sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s worse. Luxuries don’t make everything better, but I think they are needed. There’s something about a little quiet, a little silk that makes the day easier to get through. And if we’re gonna get through the day, we may as well make it as luxurious as we can. Right?

I would love to know: what’s your definition of luxury? How are you giving it to yourself right now?

This dress is vintage, but I’ve linked similar options for your shopping pleasure below!

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Investment Piece: Luxury

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