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Investment Piece: Make it Your Own
Investment Piece: Make it Your Own
Investment Piece: Make it Your Own
Investment Piece: Make it Your Own

This story has two parts.

Every summer there comes a time when I only wear swimsuits and dresses. It’s not that I don’t love jeans and tees. Not that I don’t want to look chic and elegant in pants (a la Eleanor in Crazy Rich Asians). But it’s hot. Too hot. Yesterday, it was over 100, and I drove by a woman who was wearing jeans and boots getting gas. My only thought was how hot she must be. I just can’t do it.

I’m a fan of summer dresses, both casual and formal. They can be anything you need them to be, are effortlessly chic, and most importantly : they’re cool. And keep you cool. From t-shirt dresses to hatters to off the shoulder, there are so many different types of summer dresses and stories to tell in them. What’s yours?

You can shop some of the ones I’m thinking of adding to my collection here.

And of course, now that I’ve taken a stand, life will find a way to have me in pants for the rest of the summer. (You can’t see me but I’m laughing about that now!)

Investment Piece: Make it your Own
This is also a story about making it your own. I loved this denim/colored dress when I first saw it at Target. The issue? It was in the kids department. And didn’t fit quite right:

Investment Piece: Make it Your Own
As you can see, the top was a little too high for me

But. I don’t let a little thing like that stop me. Some snips (I cut the straps off in the back), some fray check (sew without sewing and seal fabric), some tying around my neck and viola:
Investment Piece: Make it Your Own
This is not a call for us to all wear children clothes. They aren’t made for our bodies, and women’s bodies-all sizes and curves–should be celebrated. And in clothes that make them feel amazing. I am very flat chested, and thought the XXL would work for me, so I wanted to see if I could alter this dress. To me, part of the fun of fashion is making it your own. And that means altering what doesn’t work for you. I have a dress that started as a skirt, pants I’ve changed. Alterations are a great way to take the clothes offered to you, and make them your own.

I have a feeling we’ll be talking more about alterations. In the meantime, I would love to know: what’s something that you’ve made your own?

Below I’ve linked this exacted dress, and some other Target picks I love (as well as Fray Check if you need it!)


Investment Piece: Make it Your Own

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