No Set. Match

Investment Piece: No Set. Match
Investment Piece: No Set. Match
Investment Piece: No Set. Match
Investment Piece: No set. Match

Sets are popular this season. And, beyond the fact that I love them, I get why. Having pieces that can go not only with each other but with other things in your wardrobe opens up endless outfit opprotunities.
But what about when you have no set?
Upside of having pieces that didn’t come as a set? You can make your own. The above skirt and top weren’t sold together. I didn’t buy them in the same season. Yet, even with no set, they match. Yes, my loves, it is worth it to stock your wardrobe with stunning pieces that can be worn in a mutlitude of ways. Then, when needed, you can pair some together and viola! You’ve got a set!

(We might also be able to make the case that having great black pieces in your closet is key–just make sure that your blacks match. Blue-based blacks and red-based blacks are different, and a glance in the sun will confirm that! Though I also love making sets with white, red, and other pieces that go together!)

Investment Piece: no set. Match
Investment Piece: No set. Match

My tips for making your own set:

Keep it somewhat simple
I’m all about a statement –those sleeves–but statement piece with a statement piece with a statement piece can be hard to pull off. It can also leave you with no tying factor. The play? Sets match, and when making your own I find it easiest to pick one color or pattern and match those together!

But have fun
So you’re putting together a skirt and top. Or pants with a jacket. Basic, right? Above I cautioned against loading your set with statement pieces. But having a bit of fun? That I whole heartedly support. Be it sleeves, shapes, shoes, or just the feel of the set in general, sets are meant to be boring. Even the ones you make yourself.

Side note: if you want to be a bit forward this summer, try making sets with a crop top. Technically this top is a crop, it’s just a bit longer and the skirt is high waisted!

What are your thoughts on sets? Especially the ones you put together yourself?

I linked pieces similar to the ones shown here! Happy shopping!

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Investment Piece: No Set. Match

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