*Not* Phoning It In

Investment Piece: Not Phoning It In

Investment Piece: Not Phoning It In

Investment Piece: Not Phoning It In

Investment Piece: Not Phoning It In

She was tired. After a month of being on, there was the temptation to hide away, to regain her strength in private. To simply phone in a month or two of her life. Would anyone notice? Could she get away with phoning it in? Would anyone miss her?

It was tempting. But then, she realized that while she was aok with a night or two in, phoning in her wardrobe was not something she could do. What would be the fun in that? And if she could let her clothes speak for her, what about you?

Investment Piece: Not Phoning it in

Loves, I don’t know about you, but at this time of year I’m so tempted to phone it in. All of it. Would anyone really be hurt if I wore sweatpants everyday? (The answer is no). January can be such a grey month, a reset, most of us don’t have huge social obligations, and we could all probably get away with phoning it in a bit.In fact, this week was really hard, and it was very tempting to stay in pjs or sweats. But. More often than not, I showered and got dressed. Like really dressed. And it made me feel better.

My challenge to us all? Let’s not phone it in. Tomorros is a brand new slate, a new month, let’s not phone it in. Does that mean never wear sweat pants? No. But let’s not live in them, shall we? Even if it’s just to raise our spirits (it can get grey out there), let’s dress up from time to time. Dressing for yourself is an art we should all be called to. The opposite of phoning it in? Let’s do that.

**This golden number is a vintage Jean Varon. Jean Varon (real name John Bates) was a British designer in the 1960s/70s, who’s pieces were known for innovative colors/sleeves/cut-outs. Jean is credited with inventing the mini-skirt, and his works are often considered collectables (like Ossie Clark). You can find them in vintage shops, and online. Some are going to be pricey, but there are still deals to be found when you shop Jean Varon!

I love this blue Ruffled dress, Black and White for under $100, this floral number, also under $100, and this checked number.

How are you NOT phoning it in this week?

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Investment Piece: Not Phoning It In

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