November Armarium Picks

Note: this post is a part of my ongoing relationship with Armarium. While I may recieve compensation in the form of rentals, all opinions expressed are my own. You can use code RADELICIA for 15% off your first rental. The holiday season is an exciting time to rent and I’m thrilled to be sharing my picks with you! Xo RA

It’s the holiday season! Dressing becomes more bold, more party, and more fun. What I love about this time of year is that anything goes. From now until NYE you get to make your own rules (if anyone has an issue with that, send them to me!) Wear a formal gown to Thanksgiving! Wear sequins to a party, or to work! Play with volume, texture, anything that makes you happy! Novemeber is just the start of party/holiday so you can also be classic! It’s whatever you want it to be. The great thing about renting is that you can be all of those things, and send them back whenever you need to change.

Below are my picks for November, I picked a mix of party ready and more subdued numbers. Remember, the code RADELICIA gets you 15% off your first rental, even if it’s not listed below.

Investment Piece: November Armarium Picks
Love this Red Number

Investment Piece: Novemeber Armarium picks
This is perfect for a formal dinner.

Investment Piece: Novemeber Armarium Picks
First party of the season? Wow them.

Investment Piece: November Armarium Picks
Who wouldn’t feel like a princess (or Queen) in this?

Investment Piece: November Armarium Picks
This is so classic and chic.

Investment Piece: November Armarium Picks
Party but make it slinky in this

Investment Piece: Novemeber Armarium Picks
Win Thanksgiving in this!

Happy renting! Xo RA

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