On the Fringe

Investment Piece: Fringed
Investment Piece: Fringed
Investment Piece: Fringed

What do we really say about it? Fringe isn’t a trend per se, though there are seasons that offer us a bit more fringe than others. It’s not quite a classic, there are not numerous articles why you must own fringe, and often stylists will call fringe a “statement” not a “must”. So, what do we do with it? Avoid it? Put it in a box, and only wear it for certain things or costumes? Or, do we live on the fringe?

From boots to pants to jackets, I’m a fan of anything with a little personality, and fringe is personality. It shakes and shimmyies with you, and adds a bit of fun to anything you have going on. I think pops of fringe can be the wake up any outfit needs, and there’s fringe that can be chic and timeless. Fringe can be big or small, long or short, a lot or a little. Maybe the thing that scares us about fringe is that it can be anything we need it to be. That’s also the thing that makes fringe amazing.

I’m living on the fringe. What about you?

Investment Piece: On the Fringe
Investment Piece: On the Fringe
Investment Piece: On the Fringe

What I love about fringed pieces like this one is that they are so fun and full of life, but so chic. This jacket is by no means the only fringe I love, in my closet are fringed boots and fringed skirts, and I may or may not be looking for suede fringe pants. I like to think that the fringe lets the fun parts of my personality shine, and fits right in with the more classic pieces in my closet.

Also, fringe is just really fun to twirl in. Maybe not the strongest argument for living on the fringe, but one you’ll enjoy.

So, are you in? Ready to fringe with me?
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