Play it Again

Investment Piece: Play it AGain
Investment Piece: Play it again
Investment Piece: Play it again

We’ve chatted about do-overs and re-wears. You may know that I’m all about you telling a fashion story as many times as you need to (fancy way of saying repeat an outfit), or switching up an outfit you love. In my world, there’s only one thing to do when something you love is finished playing.

Play it again.

Investment Piece: Nights in LA

I first shot this dress two summers ago (where does the time go?!) and have loved it ever since. It’s the perfect combination of simple (black dress) and statement (those sleeves). Over the years, I’ve worn it to parties and dinners, and have tried to make it feel new each time. (Not necessary when you’re rewearing something, there’s nothing wrong with the comfort of a perfect outfit. But there’s also nothing wrong with trying something new with someone you love!)

Investment Piece: Play it again
Investment Piece: play it again
Investment Piece: Play it again
Investment Piece: Play it again

My new favorite take on this outfit? A belt to help emphasize the waist, and help keep the cut outs from gaping too much. (Another helper is fashion tape). Add matching (ish) shoes and you’re old hollywood meets sexy. Perfect for parties, dinners, the ballet.

Love something? Play it again. In any new or old way that makes you happy.

What outfit do you rewear over and over again? Do you switch it up or do you always wear it the same way? I’d love to hear about it!

I’ve linked similar dresses to this one below for your shopping pleasure!


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Investment Piece: Play it Again

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