Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, red//pink,Jcrew, Zara, Gucci, color blocked, Ca, TX
Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, Red//Pink, Gucci, Brian Atwood, Jcew, Ca, TX
Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, red//pink, color block, Jcrew, Zara, Gucci, CA, TX
Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, Jcrew, Zara, Gucci, CA, TX
Investment Piece, fashion, blogger,color block, red//pink, Jcrew, Ca, TX
Investment Piece, fashion blogger, color block, Red//Pink, Jcrew, Zara, Gucci, CA, TX
Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, color block, red//pink, Jcrew, CA, TX

There are certain fashion truths we get told: No White After Labor Day (some of my thoughts on that here), There are age limits on trends (my rebuttal of that here) and that you shouldn’t mix red and pink. I don’t have a link to tell you what I feel about it, but I have some pics. Loves, forget what you’ve heard: this is my new favorite combo. This color blocking scheme has slowly been popping up on dresses, in pant and shirt combos, shoes, skirts, all over your social media, and all over magazines. So, like any team player, I tried it out for you. And loves, please let me tell you this won’t be the only time (I really did just order red pants, I can bet you’ll see this color blocking combination again). Red and Pink are related, so it makes sense that they might go together, and while I love the bright pink from this Zara Sweater; this red//pink combo will best just as stunning with softer versions of the shades. I love the sweater and skirt, top and pant, color blocked dresses, shoes, etc. To add a pop of fun I paired my red//pink combo with color blocked Gucci socks (yes, we’re slowly making color blocking our thing), and gold shoes. Gold goes with everything, FYI.

I’d love to know: are you wearing red and pink together?


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