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a woman in a strapless blue dress in front a grey walla woman in a blue strapless dress in front of a grey wall
a woman in a strapless blue dress in front of a grey wall
a woman in a strapless blue dress in front of a grey wall
a close up of a woman in a blue dress and sandals in front of a grey wall

Last week was a WEEK. My birthday. My mom’s birthday. Some family birthdays. Family events. It was amazing- dinners, meet ups, celebrations. And exhausting- dinners, meet ups, celebrations. Not to mention the travel for all of those and the being “on” for all of those. Most things have a duality – even the good things. I wrote yesterday about things speeding up ( if you missed it, you can read it here) and they are- this month is full of non-stop events for me (and I’m sure for you too, there’s a reason why we all post vacation looks now! We all need one 😂).

I wore this dress on my (actual) birthday. And as for crazy weeks go, my day was a great one- I went to my favorite Pilates class,spent time with my faves, took myself to lunch- and snapped these pics randomly. As much as I wanted to share this dress with you, I will admit I didn’t know what to say. It’s not exactly the same as I felt here but I’ll be honest as much as I LOVE this dress (and have plans to wear it again and again) and as much as I’m happy with these pics (yes, a photo shoot taken in the middle of a day that was personal), when I went to tell you ALL the things all I could think of was that this dress is silk, has cutouts and HAS POCKETS!

All important things.
And yet, that didn’t feel like enough to say over and over again in a post. Pockets are exciting, but maybe not enough to write a whole post about (yes, I do always worry about that).

Then. This past weekend, I went to a family Celebration of Life for a passed family member, and I took a picture of the sky. It was nothing special- just the blue sky and some clouds. I had already decided to call this post “Blue Sky” and when I asked my mom for any notes or ideas on this dress/post, the only thing she mentioned was that it reminded her of the sky on our trip. I knew it was a sign.

As is blue sky. Usually blue skies are a sign of all the good things to come. That struggle or the storm is over. Blue skies are a good omen. So what does a good dress mean- especially one that made me feel special, that has pockets, that is the color of a special sort of hope- the color of blue sky?.
(I’m a special kind of grammar nerd and I’m not sure how to punctuate that sentence!)

So. What do blue skies mean to you? Or dresses with pockets? Or the dresses that make you feel special? The ones that you wear on special days to mark it or to celebrate all the good things you wish for?

I want to know all about those dresses, about your colors that mean good things are coming, and the good things you do believe you’ll find or are coming for all of us in the next season!

I’ve linked this exact dress and almost the exact same sandals. I hope you wear them on a day with blue skies and one that brings you only great things!
xo RA

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a woman in blue dress in front of a grey wall

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