Southern Summer

We’re back! After a week of reflection and listening, we’re still in the fight but excited to bring you new content! First up: one of my all time favorite summer dresses. I pull this number out every year when the heat turns up. I stay cool. I look like a lady. And there’s something about this outfit that lets me know that summer has started!

There is something special about summer in the South. Yes, it’s hot and can be humid. There’s also magic in the air, there’s a kindness and time can slow. Spending part of my time in the South it’s an exciting time: there are bbqs, rivers, and sweet tea on the porch.

And when I got my hands on this stunner from the 1910s I knew it was a perfect fit–the tiers, the buttons up the back. This is a lawn dress, which means it’s linen or cotton, and these dresses were commonly used for everything from tea time to night gowns to picnics! We know that I love a great vintage number, and I love making them modern. Maybe it’s my height, maybe it’s the age, but I love that it’s a midi dress now. And the shoes! Gingham screams summer, and I love the mix of colors and leg wrap!

While white is most certainly a summer color, I love adding a bit of pop to it. And any color can be your pop (ya know, if gingham is not your thing). Again, the mix of traditional and non-traditional is what I love about this outfit–and summer! While this dress is vintage, and these JCrew shoes are a few summer seasons old, there are so many ways to take the idea of a southern summer and make it your own. Gingham dress with white shoes. White shoes with this summer’s gingham. Mix and match. Pop your white with a bold color. All white (if you dare). Wear what you love. Maybe that’s the trick to any southern summer.

And a note: My mom is the true star of this southern summer- not only did she do all the buttons (and snaps, because yes, there are two layers of each), she helped take these pics! Stay cool out there lovers!

I’ve linked all sorts of options for your southern summer. I can’t wait to see your take on it!

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Want your own vintage lawn dress? I got you here:

Or maybe something more modern:

Happy summer!

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