#SUITUP (Or How to Rock a PJ Suit)

Investment Piece: how to rock a pj suit, #suitup

Investment Piece: how to rock a PJ Suit #suitup
Investment Piece: #suitup, how to rock a. Pj suit
Investment Piece: how to rock a PJ Suit #suitup
Investment Piece: how to rock a PJ Suit, #suitup

There’s something about luxurious lounge wear and pjs that I just love. Part of it is that I envision myself as a 1930s starlet, part is that I am prepared at all times for all events, and part is that the pieces add so much to your waredrobe.

Yes, my friends, what I’m saying is that I started wearing my pjs to class in college, and I can’t break the habit. I wear PJ sets and robes as “real” clothes. And I’m not sorry.
Call me crazy.
Call me ahead of my time.
Or call me genius from having something that can go from this:

To this:

Loves, it may be time to #suitup, or learn how to rock a PJ Suit.

Need more proof of my PJ genius? Check here, here, and here, and here. Also, if you’ve been reading about Princess Margaret’s morning routine and know of any job I can get where I lounge all morning to get ready for cocktails at 12p, please let me know; I’m available and qualified.

In the meantime, let’s chat about PJ suits. What I love about a great set is that it takes the guess work out of it. The pieces just go together. Classic cuts (I love the tie here) and classic colors (think black, etc) keep the look elevated. (While you can get it bed, it’s best not to look like you just got out of it.) And while I’m a fan of all PJs, if you’re looking to rock a PJ suit fabrics that keep you looking chic are silk, satin, and brushed cotton. I loved this print as it was subtle, yet cheeky; and I felt like it looked like suit, not just my pjs!

Another tip to help you rock a PJ suit? Accersories. Specifically, polished accessories. Everything is about balance, and there’s nothing to rock your PJ Suit like a great pair of heels or flats. Add more pop with a little bag and you’re set to go–and if you choose to go back to bed, I won’t judge!

So, loves, are you ready to #suitup?

I’ve picked some of my fave PJ suits and accersories below!


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