Summer Mood

Investment Piece: Summer Mood
Investment Piece: Summer Mood
Investment Piece: Summer Mood

We’re into July. It’s Summer. Like Summer, Summer. And here are some truths:

*It’s hot. Like too hot. So hot LA lost power. Hot enough that even in the *early* morning this shoot quickly went from “don’t fall in the pool” to “what’s the worst thing that happens if I go in the pool?”
*I’m a fan of swimsuit fashion (as we know), but feel that, with the heat, it’s a PSA at this point to tell you to wear your swimsuit. (Yes, this a rash guard. And yes, maybe long sleeves are only good in the pool?)
*White is a go-to (lined. Even these are lined and a bit more see through than Mom would like)
*There has got to be a way for us to live our lives in some body of water or with the AC blaring

Is this enough of a Summer mood for you?

Investment Piece: Summer Mood
Investment Piece: Summer Mood
Investment Piece: Summer Mood

Aspects of my Summer mood:
*Combining things I love:swimsuits, a flare, and the water for a look
*Staying cool. My grandma would tell us all the importance of skin care and hats. Wrinkles are not the accessory we’re after, so protect yourself
*Keeping calm. Name one person who’s running around crazy in July. You can’t. It’s a month of peak summer, and hopefully peak relaxation. If that’s not a Summer mood, I don’t know what is

This summer my goal is to make things as easy as possible. And to look as effortless as possible. Yes, for me that involves swim and white –things that look complicated but are comfy and easy are a fave of mine. Being ready for the water at a moment’s notice is always a part of my Summer mood.

What does your Summer mood look like?

This rash guard is last season, as are these pants (seen here and here respectedly), but I’ve found similar items for you below! The hat was my grandma’s- I got you covered there, too!

I can’t wait to see your Summer mood!

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Investment Piece: Summer mood

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