Sunday Chronicles: Summer Shoe

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles: Summer Shoe

You’re right. This is not a typical Sunday Chronicle. It’s hot outside, and all those deep thoughts we have? They’re harder to hold onto in the heat. Or, at least they are for me! So what are we to do?

Enjoy what we have going on. For me? That’s a great pair of shoes, a patio, and good company.

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles Summer Shoe

I have to admit: I’m not the BIGGEST fan of flip flops. Do I want shoes that I can just throw on? Of course. Do I want the sandals to look chic and do with everything? Yes, please!

That’s why I fell for these sandals. Not quite flip flops, but flat. A bit more chic, a bit more elevated, and a bit more versatile. Do they go with all my shorts and swimsuits? Yes. But, they also go with my “cocktail” summer dresses and more.

Loves, they even go in the water!
Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicle Summer Shoe

Yes, they’re plastic and have made going from water to land a breeze. (You know, as one does when it’s 107 outside).

Is this about how you might need a summer shoe like this? Sure.
But more than that, my wish for us in the last few moments of summer, when it’s too hot out, is that everything is this easy. That everything goes and we can just go about our day. That things look good no matter what happens. That we don’t have to think too hard and that we can just be.

If a summer shoe can give that to you, I’m all for it. No matter what the shoe is!

Investment Piece: Sunday Chronicles, Summer Shoe

Wishing us all a week of ease and amazing shoes!

If are interested in a summer shoe a la this one, I’ve found options here.
Note: that is an affiliate link, and while that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

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