Swim (at Home)

Investment Piece: Swim Cape

I have forever been a fan of swimwear as out wear. Paired with jeans, skirts, shorts, etc, swim wear can be worn as the best kind of bodysuit/crop top.

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You can see how I have promoted swimwear in the wild here.

There is no getting around that the wild looks different right now. And vacations, and swimming for that matter, look different too.

As someone who loves the beach and the water and the pool, I’m sad. As someone who wants us all to be safe, I understand. I’m also someone who believes in finding the silver linings. And my solution? Swim (at home).

Investment Piece: Swimming Pools

If our swim looks great out and about, it will also look good at home. Bonus? If you don’t want to cover up at home you don’t have to! It’s a win-win! (Of course it will still look amazing with all of your other spring and summer looks, from shorts on!)

Investment Piece: Jungle Heat

Swim as the new lounge wear? Maybe it’s not so farfetched! When I was a kid, I remember endless summer days in my swimsuit. We would go to the pool, but before (and sometimes after) I would relax in my swimsuit, read in it, eat in in. In fact, I was more likely to be in my swimsuit than not. Bringing that back might be fun.

Investment Piece: Days in LA

And if you are lucky enough to have a backyard, green space, wearing your swim at home means you’re always a step away from the water. Lately, I’ve been having a happy hour in my backyard every night. It makes the time break up, gets me some sun, and feels like a “special” place. This summer I’m hoping to add an inflatable pool to my space (see some I’m looking at here). I’ll let you know how that goes!

In the mean time, I’ll be breaking out my swim suits! And while I won’t be wearing them in the wild, I will be doing swim at home. What about you?


I’ve linked some of my current fave swim suits that would go great alone or paired here:

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Investment Piece: Summer Mood

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