Investment Piece: SwimSeason

Every year I write about swim suits, swim season, and all the ways to swim. Maybe it’s because I’m a mermaid looking for her ocean (a joke I make to my family at least once a week), that I use swim suits as all sorts of fashion basics (see here And here, and that’s just for starters!), or maybe just because swim suits are such a big part of summer that I’m a firm believer that you should have a swim collection that makes you feel fantastic. Swim trends come and go- from one-pieces to bikinis. For me, the goal is never to worry about trends but to pick swim suits that I love and that go with multiple locations and outfits!

Investment Piece: Swim Season

A new swim I’m trying this summer? A swim dress. It’s not that I’m stopping with the bikinis or putting away all my one pieces- it’s that I’m open to new swim and this year it’s the swim dress. I’ll be honest, I always thought of any sort of swim dress as something for someone much,much, much older than I am. But. Maybe. I was wrong.

I stumbled upon this swim dress in target. It was chic. Versatile. Able to be worn to a party or in the water. And when I couldn’t stop thinking about it- especially when I realized that a swim dress was perfect for river floating (a big thing where my mom lives), and would let me be swim chic without a cover up at certain outside summer events- I was sold. Turns out swim dresses can be an incredible addition to your swim rotation!

Investment Piece: Swim Season

From the water to events, from one pieces to bikinis and now swim dresses- I’m such a fan of swim wear. You can find me in various suits all season long (alone or with pants/skirts/shorts/etc). I hope that you can find suits that you love, that you feel confident in, that make your outfits pop. I’m linking this swim dress and all sorts of swim suits I’m loving this season below. You’ll be seeing me in so many of them- in so many ways!


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Investment Piece: Swim Season

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