The Jacket

Investment Piece: The Jacket
Investment Piece: The Jacket
Investment Piece: The Jacket
Investment Piece: the jacket
Investment Piece: The Jacket

A tweed suit says something. And a graphic tee says something. I personally love the combo.

I’m not the only one. There was a time not too long ago when “off duty model look” was simply a tweed blazer, a chain belt, and a graphic tee. I love this look. But I didn’t invent the wheel here.

What makes this outfit great (for me)?
This is my grandma’s blazer. Classic, well made, and full of love. Wonder Woman? We all are. And I think a great pair of jeans can never steer you wrong. These happen to be high waisted (and I’m a big believer that all good jeans are), and taper to make everything look longer and leaner. There are more exciting chain belts, I know. But really, all you need is a basic one.

And kitten heels? I think that they are a must. For everyone.

Timeless. A bit edgy. And a real chance to let us see some of you (your shirt doesn’t have to be a Wonder Woman one).
What I love about outfits like this one? There’s a really great chance that you have all the elements in your closet. Try pairing them together? The takes on this combo are endless. Switch out jeans for nice pants. Try a skirt. With the formula down, it can be anything you need it to be. And yet, still everything it should be.

Isn’t that great fashion?

Do you wear this combo? Is it something you love? I’d would love to hear about it!

(And if you don’t have these pieces in your closet, I’ve linked some similar pieces below for your shopping pleasure!)

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Investment Piece: The Jacket

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