Track Pants

InvestmentPiece: #TrackPants
Investment Piece: #TrackPants
Investment Piece: #TrackPants
Investment Piece: #TrackPants
Investment Piece:#TrackPants
Investment Piece, #trackpants

Broccoli. Running. Staying in on Fridays.

Don’t tell my mother, but there are things that I swore that I would never like that I do. But let’s not let that go to her head. We can just pretend that we discovered how great broccoli (roasted almost crisp with lemon), running (I’m not great, but there is a high), and staying in on Fridays (life is tiring) are. Right, right?

Now that we got the hard part out of the way, let’s chat about track pants. In my head when track pants are mentioned I think about those plastic wind suits from the 90s. If you’re young, just know that you missed out on quite the bright color movement (please google it and let me know your thoughts). But these aren’t your 90s track pants. These track pants are too good for the track (though they would look great post gym with any sort of top, but I love a great graphic tee). Track pants seem to be everywhere these days, and I couldn’t resist trying them out. I love these -comfy but structured, the snap down on the leg adds a little something. They are a great athlesure look, but I love that they suck you in and feel like “real” pants too.

I love this pairing of a sweater and kicks. Other combos that would be great? White button down and heels. A sweatshirt and any shoe. Boots and a jean jacket. Even with the color blocking and snaps down the side, the track pants are basically a neutral, so I say: style them that way. I don’t know that you could make them super dressy or business casual, but we should try, and the other styling options are endless.

As track pants are everywhere, have you tried them? How did you style them?

And that thing above, about my mom being right occasionally, that’s between us, right?

Happy Monday!! XO RA

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Investment Piece: #trackpants

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