Transitional Fall Style

Investment Piece: Transitional FAll STyle

If you can believe it, it’s once again when we’re supposed to turn our eyes away from summer style and turn our eyes towards fall, and all the amazing style that brings. Loves, it’s too hot. I know in both Los Angeles and in Texas, the temps are still in 90s. I dream of cozy sweaters, trench coats, the lady like structure that will be everywhere; yesterday I thought I might die of heat stroke in a sundress. And, let’s be honest: Septemeber weather is still summer weather, fall tends to roll in October. So, what do we do?

Transiational Fall Style. Not quite summer style, not quite fall style, but a combo that allows us to slowly intergrate the things we’re loving for fall with the things we loved in summer; all while hopefully managing to stay cool. The great thing about transitional fall style is that there are no rules, and you get to really showcase your own fashion point of view. Below I’m showcasing some of my favorite transitional fall styles!

Over the Knee Boots with Shorts
Investment Piece: Transitional Fall Style

One of my favorite pieces of fall style is a great over the knee boot. When the temp finally drops, they’re great with jeans, skirts, or dresses. However, while the temps are still high I love pairing them with shorts for a classy transitional fall style, a la Olivia Palermo. Boots and shorts can be a tricky pairing, the secret is to make sure your boots go over your knees, and that your shorts are tailored. Bonus points if it’s cool enough to layer a wrap over your top!

Shop my favorite over the knee boots from DSW (where you can get all the style at an amazing price):

Skirt or Dress over Jeans
Investment Piece: Transitional Fall Style
You may have noticed all over your Instagram feed, one of the best ways to Rock transitional fall style is to layer your favorite dress over your favorite jeans. (Yesterday’s wrap dress would be perfect for this, and the above pic reminds me of the Art dress worn here, here, and here). What makes this such a great transitional fall style is that wearing a dress over jeans (or any pants) allows you to keep the flirty sundresses we love in summer around, and yet lets you show off your new fall jeans.

Some of my fave dresses and jeans:

Investment Piece: Transitional Fall Style

Loves, layering may be the all encompassing secret to transitional fall style. It can be done with any pieces of clothing. Some of my faves: turtleneck under summer tops, skirts over leggings, big cardigans over everything. With this method, any piece of summer fashion instantly becomes fall fashion. And the great thing about layers-you can take them off if it gets too hot! Everyone wins!

Some of my fave layering pieces:

I’d love to know: how do you style the transition from summer to fall?
If you need more inspiration I love this outfit slide show from Glamour, and these tips from The Chriselle Factor.


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