What is a Nap Dress?

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It’s Nap Dress week here at Investment Piece. We’ve chatted the allure of nap dresses, sleep issues, and some of my nap dresses. One, kinda odd, thing that we haven’t really discussed?

What is a nap dress?

Investment Piece: what is a nap dress

Is a nap dress simply a nightgown you can wear outside? An updated version of a vintage nightgown or dressing gown? A vintage night gown? Any dress that is comfy enough to lounge in?

I think the answer is yes, to all of the above. While there is an “official” nap dress (see here), a take on vintage nightgowns, maybe the real answer is a nap dress is any dress that lets you relax.

I’m sure that we could define the nap dress a bit more clearly, make the definition include the juxtaposition these dresses have of innocence and appeal, the nods to nightgowns of yore. But that would leave out so many dresses that would be great to nap in- from acutal vintage dressing gowns to slip dresses. I also have sundresses that I’ve worn to bed recently, are they not nap dresses?

Investment Piece: what is a nap dress?

Since the publishing of this article about nap dresses, I have seen more and more people refer to nap dresses. And while I’ve always been a fan of PJ dressing and the Sleeper dresses (I’ve linked some for you below, they are also part nightgown-part dress!), I think this overload of nap dresses is a comment on where we are.

Most of us, especially in the States, are staying home and dressing for not going out is becoming, at least for me, a challenge. I love my clothes, I love the stories they tell, I have no qualms about dressing up for myself. But, when you don’t have to get dressed for months at a time, do you?

Nap dresses let you stay in your pjs all day, but feel like you got dressed. It’s an accomplishment that leaves you looking chic. Right now, I will take feeling accomplished and looking chic any way I can.

What is your definition of a nap dress? Are you wearing them? In fact, what are you wearing now?

One of my fave nap dresses are Sleeper dresses, and I’ve linked some for you below!

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