Nap Dress: Summer Sleep

Investment Piece: summer sleep
Investment Piece: Summer Sleep
Investment Piece: Summer Sleep
Investment Piece: Summer sleep
Investment Piece: summer sleep

Can a dress help you sleep better? I’m game to find out!

Ironically enough, the morning that I read The Allure of the Nap Dress by Rachel Syme, I had already spent some time looking at Sleeper (the nightgown dress) dresses on sale. After reading the article, I was a little more obessed with finding my own nap dress. I can struggle with sleep, and if fashion is the answer I’m excited about it.

I found this number at Target and I had to have it. Yes, it reminded me of a Sleeper dress, and yes with nap dresses at the front of my mind, I was looking for something just like it.

And loves, it’s great- I love the off-the-shoulder and it hangs well, and has just enough personality (the color, the dots, the little flounce)!

It’s become my go-to (yes, you’ve seen it all over my IG feed. I throw it on, yes, sometimes every day, when I need to feel dressed, but not constrained. It’s comfy enough to lounge in, but looks polished for the few errands I run, or taking out the trash. (And yes, when we can all get together it will look great at all those parties!) It makes me feel good without any effort.

The one thing I haven’t done in it? Sleep.

So, is it a nap dress? Is it helping me sleep this summer?

If a nap dress is something in between a nightgown and a dress, this fits the bill. If a nap dress is something to lounge in, then this is it. I’ve slept well on days that I’ve worn it. And there are days when I can’t seem to sleep, no matter what I’m wearing. This dress does look chic- and maybe focusing on that is the way to a good night’s sleep? Or maybe I go all the way and sleep in this number.

I’m open to all ideas. As for now, how I’m “napping” is wearing this and relaxing in the afternoon. And it’s going chicly!

I’ve linked this exact outfit for you below!
What are you napping in?

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Investment Piece: summer sleep

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