a woman in a blue and white top yellow skirt and brown shoes in a field of bluebonnets
a woman in a blue and white top and yellow skirt and brown platforms
a women's foto int brow suede platforms in a field of wildflowersq
a woman in a blue and white halter top and yellow skit in a field of Bluebonnets
a woman in blue and white halter top and yellow skirt in a field if bluebonnets

I’ll be honest with the change of season (from winter to spring, and I’m still not sure I got to wear all I wanted to)-which brought storms which for the first time brought massive headaches- I’ve been behind.
Yet I had the opportunity to shoot this. A bit vintage (the Ralph Lauren top and my grandma’s skirt and blazer, though I found you so many similar!) in a field of wildflowers.
There has to be a special club for people who grew up in Texas who still have memories of their parents telling them picking a bluebonnets (wildflowers) would get them arrested. To be honest in this shot I was afraid to pluck any flower as I was afraid of getting arrested- and also I’ve been told that bluebonnets attract rattle snakes so we didn’t linger. I don’t want any snakes or jail time, fun fact snakes are a top fear of mine! So these pics are a big accomplishment!!
And beyond all of that, there is a certain spring factor that makes us all want to walk in a field of wildflowers (or maybe that’s just us Texans- though I had the same urge when I lived in California)
Perhaps it’s just a spring urge. Like wearing yellow (which I have reservations about) with blue (ironically this combo was insprired by a current Ralph Lauren look. In fact, I’m still think of buying a yellow suit as I’m convinced it will go with so much!) Or wearing blue ( a spring fave of mine). Or flowers -which I’m always more tempted to buy in the spring.
Or maybe it’s just that as spring is springing (storms and headaches and all) we all long to wear a bit of color or brightness or there are flowers.

What do you long to wear in the in spring? Or what is stereotypical and yet you find yourself wearing? Have you ever risked snakes or jail for a look or a picture?


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a woman in a yellow skirt suit with a blue and white halter top in a filed of wildflowers

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