Investment Piece: Wonder
Investment Piece: Wonder
Investment Piece: Wonder
Investment Piece: Wonder
Investment Piece: Wonder
Investment Piece: Wonder

There are things that make you wonder, things that inspire Wonder, and things that are wonderful.
Some Monday Thoughts:
*I’m such a fan of Wonder Woman, and I love wearing this shirt. The camaraderie from women who love Wonder Woman is a thing I can’t help but love. Does this shirt give me super powers? I’m not sure, but I like to think so, and it is something I wonder about.

*Layering isn’t just for sweaters and turtlenecks. This is a cocktail dress that looks stunning on it’s own, though a tad bit more low-cut. For weeks I’ve been thinking about how to make this looks a little more casual, and finally decided it was about layering. I didn’t want to take away from the “wow” factor, I wanted the layer to be as wonderful as the dress. My solution? A fun graphic tee, in this case, Wonder Woman. Both standouts on their own, and together it’s fun. Makes me wonder, what else can I put together? What pairs are inspiring?

*I’m a heels woman. Heels can be worn anywhere and with anything, or so my theory goes. Yet, lately, I’ve been having fun exploring flats. This look would still be perfect for a cocktail party, and that’s new for me. Where are areas that we can explore in fashion? What looks and items have I been avoiding that might actually be perfect for me? I’m wondering about them.

*I can’t get enough of this headband. The elementary school kid in me is ecstatic. This is just one of those things that’s wonderful.

What sorts of things are you wondering about today? And what are you wearing to wonder in?

I’ve linked similar items to this look below for your shopping pleasure, I hope it’s inspired wonder!
Xxo RA

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