Wrap it Up

Investment Piece: Wrap it Up
Investment Piece: Wrap it Up
Investment Piece: Wrap it Up
Investment Piece: Wrap it Up
Investment Piece: Wrap it Up
Fall is both an ending-of summer, of the year, of many things. (One of my most favorite sayings and reminders at this time of year is that the trees teach us how to let go of things)
Fall is also the beginning of things- of letting go, of the holidays, of the beginnings that follow endings. (As F. Scott Fitzgerald said everything is new in the fall)

This fall I’m balancing the beginnings and the endings. It’s one of my favorite times of year, but transitions are always tricky. So- I tend to focus on the fashion, it helps me get by.

What I’m currently hoping wraps up (ends)? The hot weather. It’s done, let’s move on.
What I want to begin? Sweater weather. Cool days and cooler nights that will let me show off all the fall things I have (even if by show off, we mean wear around the house).

Investment Piece: Wrap it Up

One of my fave early fall outfits? A coat wrapped as a dress. (We chatted about it here)
This one is perfect for this kind of outfit. It’s just lightweight enough so I don’t sweat in the late afternoon heat. Its details (the collar, the slits, the color) let it be a “version” of a tux when paired with black accersories.
And, because of who I am as a person, I can never wrap up with boring details. This belt is my new favorite, and reminds me of how as a kid I wanted my name and initials on EVERYTHING. Kitten heel boots? Chic. Different.
Together? A show stopping outfit that celebrates all the beginnings and all the endings, and let’s you wrap it up in one.

What are you wanting to wrap up right now? Might I suggest doing it in a coat you wrap?

This number is vintage, but I’ve linked you similar options below for your shopping pleasure!

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Investment Piece: Wrap it Up

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