Sunday Chronicles: Alterations

Loves, spring is coming (yes, even though it may be snowing where you are). The season of rebirth, renewal, and a great time to reassess our goals. It got me thinking about alterations. I’m such a firm believer that fashion can be how we tell our stories, and I love how alterations allow me to become a creator. From simple alterations, hems, rips, buttons, etc, to the ones where pieces get remade into something new, seperating a dress, making pieces into other things, etc; altering fashion allows you to really make something your own. Or ensure that a piece really fits you.

What can that teach us about our lives? I like to think that it means that, just like pants that don’t fit quite right, we should take our goals and plans and take in/let out/remake until they are a perfect fit and say what we want.

Fashion with a deeper meaning? I thought about it so much, I made us a little video:

I would love to know your thoughts about alterations. Both the fashion and the goal kind. What have you remade?

Wishing us all a week of perfect fits and amazing shoes!

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