Ready to Bloom

Investment Piece: Ready to Bloom
Investment Piece: Ready to Bloom
Investment Piece: Ready to Bloom

Has anyone else felt like this winter has lasted forever? I love sweaters and coats and boots and all of the great fashion that winter has to offer. Yet. There has been a hankering I’ve been having for florals, short skirts, and all of the great fashion that spring has to offer. And finally, after weeks of cold weather (though according to my great-grandma’s logic everyone is due one more cold snap before Easter), it is finally feeling warm. Like spring. Maybe, we’re all ready to bloom.

Investment Piece: Ready to Bloom
Investment Piece: Ready to Bloom
Investment Piece: Ready to Bloom

Since we’re all ready to bloom, I can promise that someone somewhere is going to make the :”Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking” joke. It’s coming. However, what if blooming applied to more than florals. A trend I’m letting bloom this spring? Bright colors, specifically neon. Is neon something you would think of when you think of me? No. Yet, I’m loving it.

Neon feels fresh and new. Blooming as a statement? I’ll make it. This neon yellow stands out, yet doesn’t feel like a highlighter. (I like to think the grey softens it.) And while yellow is usually not my go-to color, neon yellow has such a pop to it that I can’t help but feel like spring in it.

(There are also some neon pinks and greens and blues I love)

My tips for wearing neon?
– Don’t be afraid of it. Yes, neon pieces will look great with more subdued colors, take the risk of leaning into neon.
-color blocking neon is a great way to do the trend without feeling like it’s too much
-I love neon in short lengths, but there are some great maxi options as well
– HAVE fun

What makes you feel like blooming? Willing to give neon a try?

I’ve linked some pieces I love for you below. I hope they make you feel ready to bloom.

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Investment Piece: Ready to Bloom

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