Sunday Chronicles: Into The Fire

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Ironically, I was thinking that summer, or the beginning of summer would be a lovely, slow paced time to get myself on a routine (my life long struggle). To clean out and organize my closet and beyond. To catch up on all my “chores” like mending and dry cleaning. And to be able to take all of that at a pace that still felt luxurious. Like a summer celebration instead of work.


It’s the beginning of summer. I have been on a work trip for my day job that has left me drained. I am behind in oh so many ways. And this week had a twist of an unexpected emergency surgery for my mom- which we are still dealing with.

Something about the best laid plans. Or more like- into the fire from the frying pan?

More ironically? There are times when I do well under pressure. Not all times. But I am one of those who is more productive when I have a lot going on- as I have no choice but to stick to a schedule. So. Maybe this fire is good. I am still determined and have my list- the things I want to do and the person I want to be and the things I want to wear. Perhaps now we just do them with a bit of fire under our feet.

Hopefully, that makes the down or luxurious paced moments a bit more sweet. Or maybe the fire lets me know how lucky I am. Honestly, I am still spinning a bit and trying to grab 5 mins for myself here and there. But. I am a bit willing to let the fire inspire and move me- rather than just burn me up.

How that will work out? I guess we will see. But rest assured that I will be wearing fabulous shoes no matter what.

How do you react when plans go awry and you find yourself in a fire? Any tips? Also– what does one wear to a fire?

Wishing us all a week of being inspired by our circumstances and amazing shoes! XO RA

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