Sunday Chronicles: Into The Fire

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Ironically, I was thinking that summer, or the beginning of summer would be a lovely, slow paced time to get myself on a routine (my life long struggle). To clean out and organize my closet and beyond. To catch up on all my “chores” like mending and dry cleaning. And to be able to take all of that at a pace that still felt luxurious. Like a summer celebration instead of work.


It’s the beginning of summer. I have been on a work trip for my day job that has left me drained. I am behind in oh so many ways. And this week had a twist of an unexpected emergency surgery for my mom- which we are still dealing with.

Something about the best laid plans. Or more like- into the fire from the frying pan?

More ironically? There are times when I do well under pressure. Not all times. But I am one of those who is more productive when I have a lot going on- as I have no choice but to stick to a schedule. So. Maybe this fire is good. I am still determined and have my list- the things I want to do and the person I want to be and the things I want to wear. Perhaps now we just do them with a bit of fire under our feet.

Hopefully, that makes the down or luxurious paced moments a bit more sweet. Or maybe the fire lets me know how lucky I am. Honestly, I am still spinning a bit and trying to grab 5 mins for myself here and there. But. I am a bit willing to let the fire inspire and move me- rather than just burn me up.

How that will work out? I guess we will see. But rest assured that I will be wearing fabulous shoes no matter what.

How do you react when plans go awry and you find yourself in a fire? Any tips? Also– what does one wear to a fire?

Wishing us all a week of being inspired by our circumstances and amazing shoes! XO RA

Into the Fire

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This year my (USA) Thanksgiving plans got derailed. I was planning to go to my Dad’s with my sister, but we all got a bit sick, and out of safety canceled (we’re all fine and none of us have C19!).Rearranging it all felt a bit like putting out fires. While we had big plans, I have to admit that laying low, being on the couch, treating my down time like a vacation without responsibilities, has been completely invigorating. In fact, getting myself geared up for the new week (aka today) and the season (which is always so big and filled) has proven much more difficult than anticipated.

Which is a nice way of saying that a part of me wanted to stay on the couch forever. (And yet, because of who I am as a person, also wanted to get all the party dresses) I know that this means that I need to learn how to add rest into my regular schedule, but I’ve also taken it to mean that I need to ensure that this holiday season, a season which is typically busy and overwhelming, has things that bring me maximum joy (I do think joy can be a choice). So, what am I choosing?

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To maximize joy and make sure I’m not just getting into the fire- you know the crazy at this time of year-I’ve been actively choosing to schedule things that not only feel like the holidays, but are special to me. I’m also working on making sure that content and looks and holiday I’m putting out there are “real” to me- aka I love a great holiday dress, but are we wearing them all the time? What can we do to be special and comfy? How do we get into the fire (do all the things and be all the merry) and keep our sanity? I’m working out all of that (and ironically going between sweats and party dresses) and in the meantime making sure the following are in my calendar:

-looking at Christmas lights, and planning my own. It’s my one Suburban treat- I love putting up lights and looking at others. Making plans to go look at multiple lights, go to festivals of lights, and trying to make our house this year look as festive as possible

-buying and gifting things I truly love. This is a yearly goal, but knowing I need some rest and yet love party dresses I’m attempting to marry the comfort and high end looks. Also, attempting to make sure that my calendar is full of both parties and rest to get the most of all the things I’m buying!

-time with my loves. I know this is very typical this time of year. And yet, time with my chosen family has been super difficult since the pandemic. So, I’m making dates for FaceTime, friend dates, and me dates. I want to enjoy all the minutes and look fabulous doing so- and am actively working on making room for both!

a blonde woman in a black velvet dress in front of a dresser with a small Christmas tree on top of it

This list sounds a bit trite, a bit common, and a bit what you’re expecting. I know that it’s my job to make sure that all of those things on my list are me- from party dresses to the joy that lights bring me to my time. I can’t wait to share all of my takes on these things with you. I can’t wait to shop and celebrate with you. These things are what’s getting me off the couch and into the fire.

How was your holiday? What are you looking forward to this holiday season? And how are you planning on balancing it all? I would love to know!

It is a big shopping week so below I’ve listed some of my current sale finds!

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