Sunday Chronicles: OOO Messages

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There comes a time in every holiday season where people just call it. No more work is going to get done, no one’s responding, so the OOO (out of office) emails go up and we all move strictly into holiday mode.
Maybe it’s the fact that we need a little cheer.
Maybe it’s all the snow on the East Coast.
Maybe we’re all just ready for this year to be over.

But I’ve noticed that the OOO are already up. People are already switching out of work mode. And it makes sense! This week is a big holiday week. This year has been rough and we’re all ready to start fresh.

I’m finding myself dividing projects into categories- the ones I need to finish this week and the ones I’ll put down and pick back up in January. There’s the end of the year thoughts about what to keep and what to get rid of, about things to do and not do.
Mostly, there’s a need for rest, which sounds so weird as we’ve been home so much more often than in any year past! But yes, rest.

Though I’m thinking of all of that, this isn’t my OOO. Yet. We have new posts coming Monday (tomorrow) and Wednesday. And of course, throughout the next few weeks you can shop sales with me by following me in the LiketoKnowit and ShopStyle Apps (@racheladelica!) Also, there are shoppable pictures in the menu here! But once Friday hits, we’ll be quite here. I’ll be posting some sales picks. And maybe some New Years thoughts, but from 12/25-1/3, we’ll be manly OOO.

Is it a bit preemptive to be thinking about OOO when I won’t be till the end of the week?
I’m not sure. I’m excited about what I’m sharing with you Monday and Wednesday, but am also exited for some days off to rest!

When are you putting your OOO up?
Wishing us all a week of winter cheer and amazing shoes!

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