The Wants

Investment Piece: The Wants

Normally, when I think about the wants, I think about my Wishlist (always have one, it’s usually always long). This year I keep thinking about the things I want to wear. On Monday, I talked about the Shoulds and all the things we may be feeling pressured to wear. Then I spent the next few days in this sweatsuit (which is my new favorite), and workout clothes.

Now, all I want to wear are party dresses.

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Is it a case of wanting what you can’t have? Or wearing things that you have no reason to?
I know that I can put on anything I want any day- there’s no fashion police to come and tell me to change, but I feel like I’m having a hard issue with the Shoulds and the wants this year because no outfit feels earned.

Investment Piece: The Wants

Does that sound crazy? Changing into silk lounge clothes used to feel like a joy after being dressed all day. Getting all dolled up used to be a change, and getting to see people in your clothes felt like part of the fun. Now, we get to decide the Shoulds and do what we want with the wants–and it’s actually amazing, but it can also be overwhelming.

I’ve spent the week dreaming of dresses and party outfits, but wearing sweats and pjs. There was a day when my look went from pjs to yoga pants to pjs. While the wants would have me in a gown, I didn’t make a move to get into anything resembling a “real” outfit.

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So. What do we do when our Shoulds and our wants are all up to us? What do we wear? Especially at a time of year when things are festive and looks can add to that? How do we celebrate if we’re not celebrating what we’re wearing?

As a lover of both the party dress and the sweatsuit I don’t know. There’s no right answer, and the beauty of this time is that whatever feels good is ABSOLUTELY what you should be wearing. For me? I’m still figuring it out. Going to extremes. Wearing party dresses with UGGs and sweats with false eyelashes.
As long as it’s what I want in the moment, it’s not a bad outfit, has been my motto. Next week is the big holiday week, so we’ll see how long that lasts!

What are you wearing? What you want? What you should?

Tell me all about!

I’ve rounded up some of my fave current party dresses and lounge wear- for whatever we want and should wear!

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