Sunday Chronicles: Transitions



I used to teach spin, and am still an avid spinner (it’s a word, let’s just go with it). If you’ve never spun, it’s a rhythm based class set to music on a bike–and when the class is good, it’s heaven. However, in every class there comes moments of transition, when one song ends, the next hasn’t quite started and you have just a moment between beats. That moment can be scary. Most teachers, me included, desperately want you to stay up during those transitions. There are plain old work out reasons–it keeps your heart rate from dipping, keeps you mentally engaged, and as one of my favorite teachers puts it “the transitions make you stronger”. And loves, that’s not just true on a spin bike.

As much as we would like to pretend otherwise, life is full of transition. Yes, there are peaks and valleys in there; and yes, some transitions are more evident than others. They can be scary. There are moments between your peaks and valleys when you don’t know what steps to take. But loves, the transitions make you stronger.¬† Transitions are where we find out what we’re really made of, what we really want, and what we can take. The valleys aren’t always¬† great, the peaks can be amazing, but transitions–transitions are where the magic happens.

I’m in a transition right now–which is both exciting and terrifying. And as I try to build a life I love, there are times when I don’t know what to do. Times when it’s flat out scary. Part of why I spin is that, cheesy as it is, I buy into the lessons. So when I’m in a dark room, sweaty, sometimes tired, and pushing myself and a transition happens I trust that even when the beat doesn’t come right away, it will. And I will catch it. And I will be ok. Life is the same way–the secret is to keep moving, not to sit down and be scared. Because loves, all that glorious magic that’s out there waiting for us–it’s in the transitions.


Wishing us all a week of magic and amazing shoes! XO RA

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