Are Pedal Pushers a Thing We’re Doing?

a woman in black capri pedal pushers and a black v neck sweater vest with black kitten heels

There are some trends that come and go and then some trends that truly never leave us- but have recurrences in popularity. Case in point? Pedal Pushers. Or Capris. Really- both! (Note: Usually pedal pushers are just a bit more short, usually hitting right at the knee, while capris can hit anywhere on the calf!) If you listen to my mom, and countless other women, these types of pants (the pedal pushers and the capris) have been staples for decades. And yet- if you look around pedal pushers are everywhere this season- looking brand new.

So, are pedal pushers a thing we are doing? Or a thing we’re still doing?
Very clearly, my answer is yes.

a woman in black pedal pushers with a silk scarf top and black heels

Part of why I love the pedal pusher/capri look is that it is incredibly versatile!

(And very pro tip- if this length is new to you and you’re curious so many work out leggings come in these lengths. Buy those first. Play with them- these are actually work out “leggings” that I played with while having a great pair of pedal pushers in a cart!)

From Gym:
a woman in black workout capri leggings with leopard sneakers and a white tee

To cocktails. And everything in between. My mom has been doing pedal pushers for a while. Me? For years I put this length of pant in the “workout” file. Slowly, I’ve begun easing out of just workouts (though they look great with kicks and a tee), and have begun pairing my pedal pushers with everything from causal sweaters to cocktail tops (and heels!). I love that not only can a pedal pusher go from day to night but also from a work out to whatever your day brings!

a woman in black workout capris and a black v neck sweater vest with black kitten heels
While I love them, here are my tips for the best/chicest pedal pusher looks:
-Play Causal first. Tees. Sweaters. Though I do love a blazer with them (see here) See what you love. See what feels natural to you. And yet- because you can go from sports bra to cocktail look, try pairing all the things with your pedal pushers. Go to’s for me? Sweater Vests. Blazers. Tees. Button Downs. Silk Tops and Going Out Tops

-Shorter is better. For the capri/pedal pusher. A few years ago I would have told you that a capri closer to a legging was more comfortable to me, yet now- I’m loving a true pedal pusher (aka to my knee!) It’s chic. You can pair with anything. And makes your leg look a bit longer

-Heels may ne nest if you’re worried about the length. Even just a kitten heel will length your leg – or the appearance of your leg- which can help you feel confident! The great thing about a pedal pusher is that they are both modern and yet have a vintage feel. And that duality is so delicious- and lets you style as you love.

From the gym to drinks, pedal pushers (not new but something we are now doing) I can’t resist reaching for these over and over again! Are you going pedal pushers? How do you stay them? I would love to hear about it!

Below I’m linking these looks as well as my current fave pedal pushers! I can wait to see how you wear them!

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a woman in black pedal pushers and a silk handkerchief blouse and black heels